We offer the commercial and Industrial marketplace a systematic approach aimed at providing energy solutions that increases operational efficiency delivering significant cost reductions in your electrical budget

About Us

Advanced LED Lighting

 SMART Lighting/IoT Solutions to meet your facility’s unique lighting requirements.

We design customized solutions to meet your unique lighting requirements that are not available in the standardized marketplace.  

TVSS/Surge Protection Devices

  Reduce your repair costs and eliminate electrical failures with our Surge Protection Devices. Protect your entire facility from lightning strikes and internal surges.   

Power Factor Correction

   Electrical Distribution Optimization  

  • Eliminate PF Penalties
  • Increase Load Capacity
  • Improve Load Distribution
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Voltage Levels
  • Reduce Excess Heat
  • Reduce Line Losses
  • Reduce Wasted Energy

Energy Management & Reporting

 Monitor Your Energy Usage and Track your Electrical Savings, in real-time mode. Take control 24/7 of your thermostat(s) wherever you are 

Customized, Turnkey Energy-Saving Solutions

  We offer the commercial and Industrial marketplace a systematic approach aimed at providing solutions that optimizes savings, durability, and operational efficiency to deliver a quantifiable and tangible impact on your business energy costs.

Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction

  We are able to offer the best product warranties in the industry because of the quality of the components, the workmanship, and the quality control that goes into the manufacturing of our products. 

Our proposed Energy Management System will deliver highest electrical saving, best product quality & warranty, and quickest ROI for each energy dollar spent.

Project implementation will be performed with minimal disruption to your business operations, with seamless integration of product(s) in existing infrastructure

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